Woody Pines CD (2015 Muddy Roots)

Woody Pines CD (2015 Muddy Roots)


Billed as a purveyor of “country blues, rag time, and viper jazz,” Woody Pines is that and more. He’s also a purveyor of fine original songs that draw on those traditions and others as well: “This Train Rolls By” evokes Tom Waits and Woody Guthrie simultaneously, “New Nashville Boogie” evokes Hank Williams and the Andrews Sisters simultaneously, and his version of “Junco Partner” manages to avoid evoking the Clash at all. Recorded warmly but cleanly (none of that lo-fi pretense for him, and bless him for it), this album provides plenty of good rootsy enjoyment.


"On his new self-titled album, Pines looks back to streets and hollers, juke joints and dancehalls, and brings them all forward for a new generation to enjoy.”

-The Bluegrass Situation

"With a little Dylan inflection in his voice and a troubadour’s penchant for storytelling, Nashville’s own Woody Pines sounds just like the kind of musician you’d stumble across while walking down Music City’s Lower Broadway street. Pines represents both the vintage sounds of Nashville past and the vivacious energy of its music scene at the present."


[Pines’ new album] gave me a haunting impression of what artists like Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Woody Guthrie, Jimmie Rodgers and the earliest members of the Carter Family would do if they were given the opportunity to record with digital equipment and with instruments we have available.”

-No Depression

"Howdy, I finally got a chance to hear Woody's new album. It's rocking! This is Woody's best solo album yet. Full of the kinds of songs that make people gravitate towards roots music. Woody Pines' original songs have the depth of story that only a man who's walked many miles carrying a battered guitar case can tell. Woody's been beating that trail ever since he was a kid; it's the same one I went out walking. When your 14 and reading Bound For Glory and listening to Furry Lewis records, there's only one trail worth trekking. Roots music is a richer place because of Woody Pines. Buy his album ya'll."

 -Ketch Secor, Old Crow Medicine Show

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